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1LD is the fictional daily chronicle of Andie, the owner of the suburban oasis 1 Lovelock Drive. Written by Ellen McRae, this women’s fiction series is your feel-good entertainment delivered straight to your inbox!

From her humble home, she shares her life as she turns thirty-five, moves on from an unexpected break-up, and distracts herself by opening a business.

Each instalment is the perfect bite-size reality fiction to indulge in every day, giving you the ideal escape from daily life. 

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Hey, I’m Ellen, the writer of 1LD. And let’s face it, I can’t draw. Whilst I love the pictures I use from Canva, they just don’t quite capture the uniqueness and warmth that 1LD deserves.

My goal is to hire illustrators to bring life to 1 Lovelock Drive. If you would like to support that journey, I would love that 😍

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1LD is the fictional daily chronicle of Andie, the owner of 1 Lovelock Drive. She's 35, going through a break-up, starting a business with her fair-weathered friends and surviving Melbourne's expectations. It's women’s fiction by Ellen McRae.


Call me Jelly 😘 Writers about romanceships (romance + relationships) | Loves to talk about behind the scenes of being a solopreneur www.ellenjellymcrae.com