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It's Time To Pack Our Bags

When Is Moving On Too Soon?

Drinking Problems Of The Mid Thirty Socialites

So You Think You're Too Old For This Now?

How Do You Make Everyone Happy?

Everyone Fears You're Not Going To Get It Right

Races And The Battle For Casual Dating Clarity

Races And The Battle For Social Supremacy

The Baby Blues Single People Deal With Between Cocktails

What Have Our Friendships Come To?

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Answering The Pleas Of A Desperate (And Dumped) Man

Succumbing To The Pleas Of A Desperate Man

1LD Just Went Social And You're Invited

Q+A: Responding Your Comments 🛼

Monday Morning Begging For A Date And Unsatisfied Men

Emergencies Never Looked So Good - Or Been So Pleasurable

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What The Singles Complain About; Complaining

Being A Virgin Again, And How To Convince Your BF Otherwise

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What Causes A Breakdown In The Shoe Department? Stress, Memories and Exes.

Dating Frustrations Don't Deter The True Game Players

The World According To 1 Lovelock Drive

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Romance Should Be Left To Storytellers

The Morning You Realise You Made It

If You're Thinking About Trusting Your Instincts, Don't.

Blind Dating And Divorcing And Your Boss

A Lesson About The Hottest Unconventional Dating App

Dating In The Dark Comes With Consequences

Married Men Shouldn't Be Left Alone

There's No Such Thing As Relationship Bad Luck… Wait…

To The Partner Who Doesn't Care About Your Opinion, F*** You

How Shallow Will You Go In A Relationship?

Are All Cheaters The Same? Or All Friends That Cruel?

There's Always A Good Time To Reinvent Yourself. But Not When You're Dating.

Someone Is Spreading A Viscous Rumour About Me. And It's About Something Worse Than Sex.

My Gay Best Friend Is Dating My… I Can't Even Finish The Sentence.

When There Are 3 People In The Marriage; You, Them and The Porn

What's Plaguing The Unsatisfied On A Tuesday Morning: To Sleep With Him Or Not

The Fight For What Matters Most; Your Words Vs. Your Actions

First Rule Of Friendship; Flirt With The Wall And Not Their Ex

Melbourne In The Dead Of Night; Gay Best Friend Makes The Best Bed Buddy

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