Sitemap - 2023 - 1 Lovelock Drive

Here's To 1 Lovelock Drive

When Your Friends Finally Get On Board With The One You Love

Grateful Houseguests And Done Deals

Money Hungry Exes And Penthouse Confessions

Lonely Nights At The Wrestling Followed By Gossip; Another Day Mixing With Exes And The Wealthy

Tiffany's, Guilt Presents And Payroll; Leaving Ex Bosses Behind

Contracts Aren't Created For The Lovers Who Care, Only The Exes Who Scheme

A Week Away With Your Ex And The Scheming Begins

How Do You Convince A Man You Don't Love Him, When You Love Someone Else?

With Your Name In The Romantic Headlines, How Do You Survive The Whispers?

Your Ex In Your Home? No Way.

Meeting Rich Women And Champions; Worth The Hangover

Date Nights Turned Professional Introductions; The Wrestling World Takes The Melbourne Night

The Man Of Steel With Nerves? A Sign He's Human (And Adorable)

Lift Rides, Obvious Questions And Stale Ideas

Assumptions From The Marketing Department And "Brother" In-Laws

Refusals Never Felt So Good, Especially When It's To Your Ex

When Do You Tell Your Friends You're Out? And They Might Not Be In?

Distractions And Football; Weekends Weren't For Worrying

When Inspiration Strikes, Count One, Two, Three

The Boss's Must-Do List Comes From The Private School List. And We Know It Well.

When Your Man Thinks It's Time To Go Home, He's Covering An Affair, Right?

Gym, Phone Calls And Experts, Doing Business In Unlikely Locations

How Do You Love Someone As A Friend?

Flaunt Your Money Or Don't; Don't Underestimate The Wrestling Credit Card

Best Friends Can't Dictate How You Talk, What You Say Or Who Cares

Assumption About Wine, Carbs And Collections; Wine Tasting And Regrets

She's The Barbie And We're Just Living In Her Maternal World

The Man In The Lift; Always Ask Questions Of The Sharks

A Man With A Lot Of Money Often Doesn't Know How To Make Money

Main Event Man And Business Advice; Take The Hints Where You Can Get Them

Impressive Champagne And (Un)Professional Networking; Saturday at The Races

Don't Underestimate The Man In The Wrestling Trunks Amongst The Suits

Versace Comes Beckoning, Run Away From Your Ex's Demands

You Can't Re-do A First Impression, We Tell Our Friends

Blabbering When You Want Success Badly Enough

A Man Who Knows You And Your Body; A Man Who Gets It

Hesitation And Lovers Mix; When Your Man Is In Your Professional Corner

Count On The Kindness Of Your Friend's Boyfriend To Tell You The Truth

Jealousy Doesn't Suit Friends Who Want To Be Lovers

Introductions A Lover Comes To Regret

Fashion Approvals From The Man Who Would Prefer You Naked

Be Brave And Introduce Your Friends To The New BF You Know They Will Hate

How Do You Help A Friend Who's Being Bled Dry By The Lawyers (And Your Ex)?

There's Merit In Knocking On Your Ex's Office Door, Especially When Clothing Is Involved

Shower Apologies And Genuine Men; Sundays After Best Friend Challenges

BFF Meets BF And Insert The Regret

Expectations To Meet The New Man When Your Ex Is Still Around? Tough Times At 1LD

Private School Cuts; Mitigating Your Ex's Snobbery Is A Full-Time Job

Wicked Men Set Impossible Tasks, Even In Glamorous Attire

Make A Partner Of You And Me, In A Mansion No Less

Telling Off And Apologies, Establishing Dominance In The Gallo Office

Amongst The Snobbery Lies The Fanboys, In Mint Condition, Too.

When The Man Stays For You, Fall In Love With Him

Don't Ask Too Many Questions Of Your New Man, Your Best Friends, Your Friend's De Facto....

Surprise Visitors Are Romantic Bliss, Especially When They're Not Your Ex

A Man Can't Save You If You Don't Want To Be Saved

Skipping Spin Class Doesn't Mean You Avoid The (Annoying) Questions

Avoid The Meeting, And You End Up In A Private Press Conference; Mondays At The Office

Fake The Floor Plan Until You Make It (Or Before She Realises What Is Going On)

Boss-Like Demands; You Will Go To A White Party And You Will Enjoy It

Take The Wins When You Can Get Them, Even If You're Longing For The One

When You Don't Have The Solutions, Offer The Deception

Quitting The Madness And Salvation Messages; Midweeks In The Midst Of A (Recovering) Heartbreak

At Some Point, The Boss Wants To Know Why You Ran Away. He Can Wait.

Return To The Scene Of Your Heartache

Kicking Ass, Taking Names And Winning Championships, Andie Style

It's Time To Go Home, Says The Enlightened Wrestler Of Love (And Break-Ups)

Take To The Stage, Define Your Break Up With A Slap

Moving In With Your Man So Soon?

Tattoo Discoveries And 'Real' Confessions; Wednesdays In The Arms Of A Lover

Denying One's Feelings Convinces The Crush Is More Than A Crush

Dirty Gyms And Fame Announcements; Date Day Two

Problems Who? Cocktails And Sober First Dates

Don't Flirt With The Champ But You Will Still Catch The Eye Of One

Swept Away On A Cloud Of Sweaty Men And Zero Pretension; Friday Nights In Surfers Paradise

Lost In A World That Doesn't Remind You Of Home? Where Do I Sign Up?!

Escapism Is In The Eye Of The Person Holding The Hotel Key

There's No Time Like The Present To Get The Hell Out Of Here

When The Email Lands In Your Inbox, Do You Hit Reply All?

Wake Up And Return Home To Find Everyone Is Having Relationship Problems

Kicked Out Of Home And You Find Yourself With A Man With The Expensive Red

Taking The Wins When You Can Get Them; Runaway Girl

Vodka Dregs And Bottled Dinners; Coming To Terms With Failure

When Your Life Is Falling Apart, Keep Your Exes To Yourself

Being Grateful For The Little Things Still Gets You Walked Over; Musings From The Tram

Email Clarifications Are Best For The Bin, So Is Your Final Say

Deliveries And Clean Slates Spark The Interest Of Disinterested BFFs

When Exes Tell You What To Do, How Hard Do You Listen?

Social Affairs And Faux Meetings And Exes Don't Mix

Boardroom Meetings And Big Shot Put Downs; Melbourne Does Business And Break-Ups

An Ex Taking You Designer Shopping? Save Your Flirting For The Next

Outfit Critiques Often Forget Their Friends First

If You Change Your Mind, Telling Your BFF Might Be The First Place To Start

You Can’t Befriend Your Friend’s Ex And Have Your Cake Too

Hangover Realisations; What Melbournians Dream About After Espresso Martinis

Old School Flirting And Exes Who Don’t Know Their Place; Friday Night Drinks

Exes With Money Aren’t Miracles, FYI.

Don’t Let Your BFF Drag You Into Their Comparisons

What To Do With Cheap Wine? Melbourne Nights Settling Old Wounds.

Two Men On The Mind, But Zero Solutions. Break-Ups For The Win.

Meddling Matriarchs; How To Convince Them You Will Save Their Sons

Since When Did Lying Become The Norm In Relationships?

Hiding From Your Ex Doesn’t Stop You From Fantasizing About Them

You Only Get Apologies From Exes When They Can’t Have Their Way With You

Lid-ing, The Break-Up Phenomena

Single Women Playing Threats To Taken Men; A Normal Day In The Office

Who Is The Enemy In The Office? The Lovers Or The Ex?

McLaren’s, Artwork And Deep Denial; A Normal Sunday Afternoon In The Suburbs

Best Friend Thinks Ex-Boyfriends Are The Keys To Becoming Millionaires

What You Tell Your Egotistical Ex To Get What You Want

Office Politics; You’re In, You’re Out Or You Take What’s Yours.

Making Your Friends Feel Better About Their Own Deception? Sure, Why Not?

How Do You Frustrate Your Ex? Fall Into His Arms? Or Undermine His Authority?

What Do Hipster Accountants And Busy Lift Wells Have In Common?

Tales Of Humble Beginnings And Never Getting What You Want

Tales Of Fake Happiness And Keeping BFFs Drinking Champagne

Tales Of New Office, Marble And An Ex Next Door

Tales Of Sulking Backstabbers And Honest Love Interests

Day 115: Tales Of Too Many Questions And Not Asking Your BFF The Right Ones

Day 114: Tales Of Moving Boxes And Time To Go

Day 113: Tales Of Best Friends Revealing They Screwed You Over

Act Like A Child In Business And Expect People To Sneak Around With Your Rich Boyfriend

Why Rich Men Won’t Stay Out Of Their Poor Ex’s Lives

Wake Up In A Millionaire’s Melbourne Penthouse; It’s The Best Thing For Heartbreak And Deception

A Billboard With Your Ex-BFFs On It Should Be Enough To Tell You How Screwed You Are.

Head To The Paris End Of Melbourne For Designer Shopping And Men In Suits Looking For One Thing

Sunday Morning Shagging Screams Reminds You’re Not Married To Your Roommate

Polite Penthouse Soirees Make For the Perfect Opportunity For BFFs To Let You Down

Broken-Hearted Girls Should Quit Talking About Exes If They Don’t Want New Roommates.

How To Catch Your Best Friend “Having It Off” With Your Ex; Stalk Business Conferences

Self Imposed Isolation Only Results In One Thing; Missing Out On Fabulous Parties And Stopping Your Ex From Resurfacing

Ex Demands His Things Back And The Only Solution? Take Advice From A Cheating Married Man, Of Course!

Prude Friends Hunt For Threesomes; It’s Then You Realise Why You Should Keep A Full Wine Fridge

Friendship Cracks Begin To Appear As Recently Dumped Girl Seeks Solace In Bad Reality Tv

People Gossip And For Some Reason, The Single Woman Needs An Intervention

Girl Returns Her Tiffany’s; Melbourne Hasn’t Caught Cupid Fever

Paying A Graph Designer, Well, Paid Off

Who Has Seen The Absentee Boyfriend? Not Your Birthday Forgetting Friends.

Day 112: Tales Of To-Do Lists And One Night Stand Grovelling

Day 111: Tales Of Penthouse Confrontations And Confused Jane

Day 110: Tales Of City Hot Spots And Drinks With The Enemy

Day 109: Tales Of Good Wine And Brotherly Love(Confessions)

Day 108: Tales Of Acting Like Children And Friendship Interventions

Day 107: Tales Of City Confrontations And Telling Off An Ex

Day 106: Tales Of Deception Discovery And Full Frontal Text Messages

Day 105: Tales Of Poignant Winery Reunions And Brutal Business Dealings

Day 104: Tales Of Waking Up In Familiar Beds And Life Changing Information

Day 103: Tales Of Formal Lawyers And Steps In The Right Friendship

Day 102: Tales Of Office Surprises And Judgemental Men

Day 101: Tales Of Insta Stalking And Paparazzi Blunders

Day 100: Tales Of Influencers Parties And Deceitful Invitations

Day 99: Tales Of Housing Problems And Relationship Lies

Day 98: Tales Of Waking Up In Strange Places And Saviour Brothers

Day 97 Birthday Parties And Attention-Seeking Exes

Day 96: Tales Of YSL Dresses And Relationship Debts

Day 95: Tales Of Shopping And Relationship Duping Potentials

Day 94: Tales Of Diary Discoveries And Poor Business Deception

Day 93: Tales Of Lawyer Money And Liars Who Don’t Tell You Anything

Day 92: Tales Of Melbourne Cafes And Ex-Boyfriend Mentality

Day 91: Tales Of Covert Operations And Ex-Boyfriend Pondering

Day 90: Tales Of Bottles Of Dom And Surprise Appearances

Day 89: Tales Of Lawyer Comparison And Friday Fighting

Day 88: Tales Of Thanks And An Embarrassed Lover

Day 87: Tales Of Billboard Discoveries And Supportive “Friends”

Graphic Design Isn't My Forte. So I Hired Someone.

Day 86: Tales Of Sympathetic Expressions And Marriage Dates

Day 85: Tales Of Unexpected Calls And Friendship Clues

Day 84: Tales Of No Waking Changes And Second Dates

Day 83: Tales Of Sneaking Home And Impending Disaster

Day 82: Tales Of Fake Marriages And Business Suspicions

Day 81: Tales Of Coda Dates And Returned Snubs

Day 80: Tales Of Reseting Friendships And Date Night Outfits

Day 79: Tales Of Urban Detectives And Resurfacing Past Flings

Day 78: Tales Of Numb Shopping Trips And BFF Stalking

Day 77: Tales Of Big Money Plans And BFF Guilt

Day 76: Tales Of Early Morning Romps And Hidden Plans

Day 75: Tales Of Cutting Out Friends And Backhanded Enquiries

Day 74: Tales Of Ex BF Memories And Lost Hope

Day 73: Tales Of Dating Re-establishment and Back-Up Boyfriends

Day 72: Tales Of Matching Outfits And Unplanned Liars

Day 71: Tales Of Free Ideas And Disgruntled Best Friend Gifts

Day 70: Tales Of LV Runners And Mystery Introductions

Day 69: Tales Of Rain Soaked Life And Mystery Shopping Plans

Day 68: Tales Of Intolerable Friendships And Fixing Life

Day 67: Tales Of Nothing To Worry About And Suede

Day 66: Tales Of Dinner Parties And Reappearing Roommates

Day 65: Tales Of Taking Sides And Imaginary Conflict

Day 64: Tales Of Disappearing Roommates And Barbie Hangovers

Day 63: Tales Of Spilled Wine And Maternal Honesty

Day 62: Tales Of Ungrateful Roommates And Drag Contemplations

Day 61: Tales Of Family Values And Undeniable Unfairness

Day 60: Tales Of Moving Confessions And BFF Suspicions

Day 59: Tales Of Strongarmed Remolavists And Secret Best Friends

Day 58: Tales Of Semi-Confessions And Full Friendship Suspicions

Day 57: Tales Of New Roommates And Bad Dreams

Day 56: Tales Of Packing Up The Friendship And Overreactions

Day 55: Tales Of Mexican Stand Offs And Friendship Fights

Day 54: Tales Of Bold Face Lies And Enthusiasm For The Truth

Day 53: Tales Of Watching First Dates And Losing The Plot

Day 52: Tales Of Stalking The Ex And Zero Regrets

Day 51: Tales Of Two Different Lovers With One Thing In Common

Day 50: Tales Of Sick Notes And Plans For A Comeback Queen

Day 49: Tales Of Instagram Exes And Getting A Grip

Day 48: Tales Of Confessions And BFFs With Ex BFs

Day 47: Tales Of Hungover Besties And Hungry “Sticks”

Day 46: Tales Of Frustrated BFFs And Soiree FOMO

Day 45: Tales Of Party Invitations And Possible Ex Run-Ins

Day 44: Tales Of Scandulous Influencers And Love Limits

Day 43: Tales Of Going Into Hiding And Coming Out The Relationship Winner

Day 42: Tales Of Meeting Married Men And Quests For Dating Resurrection

Day 41: Tales Of City Life And Ex-Boyfriend’s Stomping Grounds

Day 40: Tales Of Resolutions And Taking Relationship Control

Day 39: Tales Of Demanding Answers And Final Decisions

Day 38: Tales Of Dating Changes And Dodging The Truth

Day 37: Tales Of Married Men Revelations And Hiding Plain Truths

Day 36: Tales Of Quiet Days And Demanding Emails From Exes

DAY 35: Tales Of Spending Hangovers And Facebook Invites

DAY 34: Tales Of Pinot Guzzling And New Men

DAY 33: Tales Of Surprise Threesomes And Personality Questions

DAY 32: Tales Of Secret Meetings And Saviours

DAY 31: Tales Of Tinder Inspections And Harsh Decisions

DAY 30: Tales Of Protective Friends And Bad People

DAY 29: Tales Of Sleepless Break-Ups And Poor Tinder Match Ups

DAY 28: Tales Of Insta Thirsts And Solo Investigations

DAY 27: Tales Of Interventions And Bleak Friendship Assessments

DAY 25: Tales Of Vodka, Long Days, And No Answers On The Love Life

DAY 24: Tales Of Dining Out And Silent Friends

DAY 26: Tales Of Late-Night Drives And More Love Life Confusion

Tales Of Reality Television And Romance Wake-Up Calls

Tales Of Information Management And Gossip

Tales Of Friendship Interventions And Random Guests

Tales Of Single Sleeping And Avoiding The World

Tales Of Planned Break-Ups And Not Sticking To The Plan

Tales Of Game Planning Break Ups

Tales Of Reinstalling Tinder And Click Fears

Tales Of Sleepless Romance And Lovers You Can’t Control

Tales Of Secret Conversations And Impending Doom

Tales Of Hangovers, Absent Friends And Mystery One Night Stands

Tales Of Cheating Contemplation And Forgetting Your Man

Tales Of Avoiding Work And Avoiding Break-Up Triggers

Tales Of Friends Getting Their Life Together, And Partners Doing The Opposite

Tales Of Perfect Days Followed By Unwanted Lovers

Tales Of Valentine's Day Pity Presents And Absent Lovers (Who Should Be All Over You)

Tales Of Re-gifting And Letting Go Of What Isn't For You

Tales Of Unexpected Gifts And Failing Relationships

Tales Of Birthday Parties And Designer Gifts You Don't Want

Tales Of Older Men Knowing Better And Upcoming Forced Romance

Tales Of Real Celebrations And Relationship Milestones

Tales Of Absent Boyfriends And Late Birthday Cakes

Tales Of Friends Sucking Up And Reminding You How Much You Can't Fake

Tales Of People Forgetting Your Birthday And Lovers Who Don't Materialise